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Message Subject Gun registry 'scheme' among concerns over UN arms treaty
Poster Handle Hard Eight
Post Content
The treaty says that all the provisions of the last treaty would be included in this one. We wouldn't ratify that one because it is unconstitutional, so why would we approve this one? King Barry and his butt buddy Kerry don't want this one anyway. They can't resist any gun control plan, but this one is aimed at them. I don't see them ever stopping the gun trade with the terrorists of the middle east.
 Quoting: Epic Beard Guy

You may be correct, but there seems to be an underlining aspect that Obama can't get around. He wants this treaty so bad he can taste it, but he knows it will mean the end of his gun running to Al Qaida and the Mexican Cartels since both have been labelled as terrorist or criminal suspects and therefore it become illegal to trade, give, or sell guns to them.

This all becomes moot anyway because the treaty can not be accepted. First the Senate must accept it. Then in order to rewrite the Constitution, it must be passed by the House which it would never do, then it must be passed by a minimum of thirty four states before it can be considered. Since it is very unlikely that it can even get passed the Senate, it is basically dead upon arrival.

Since it is a treaty, it is not something that the President can just issue another Executive Order and place the American people under it's control.
 Quoting: 071676

Barry had already made it "legal" for him to send arms to AQ:

Thread: Obama Waives Ban On Arming Terrorists So He Can Ship Weapons To Syrian Rebels!?!?!
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