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Message Subject Gun registry 'scheme' among concerns over UN arms treaty
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is the real fear.
I don't put much stock into the UN just waltzing in and confiscating guns. This stuff never works like that.

Everything is incremental.. The old boiling a frog analogy.

Registration is the first step and then opens the door to all kinds of privacy horrors.

Have kids? Own a gun?
If it's registered you can bet on a visit to ensure "Safety".
 Quoting: RelentlessDespot

Agreed...however I am skeptical of the frog analogy. Last evening while me and the family were around a large campfire, and tree frog leaped in front of me several times then, with pure grace and whispering, "Viva La France," jumped right in.

Yeah...I know it has absolutely nothing to do with your post directly...it just stunned me about the frog and your comment reminded me of it. tounge

Yes...registry, because it is all for the CHILDREN!
 Quoting: judahbenhuer

What children? Most regular folks aren't having them anymore. Only the illegal aliens and welfare crowd seem to have uncontrolled pregnancies and births.
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