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Release of New Pentagon Video Designed to Frame The Debate

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 87198
United States
05/16/2006 10:38 PM
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Release of New Pentagon Video Designed to Frame The Debate
Release of New Pentagon Video Designed to Frame The Debate

Infowars.com | May 16 2006
By Alex Jones & R. Schlickeisen [link to www.infowars.com]

This release of a handful of frames from the Pentagon on 9/11 is a scam. It is another scam in a long line of false flags and distractions laid out by the real perpetrators of the events of September 11th. It is an attempt to regain control of the debate when so many people worldwide are waking up to the stone cold truth - the irrefutable evidence of what really happened on 9/11.

And of course it is blurry video, just as bad or worse than first five frames released by the government but it doesn't matter because the general public will hear that video of the plane hitting the Pentagon has been released and will not question it even if they haven't seen it. This is a device used to simply intensify the whole debate about the attack on the Pentagon to the exclusion of other important issues. We will debate what they want us to debate, the puppetmasters think.

Whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon has become a divisive issue within the 9/11 Truth community. Infowars has never chosen to focus on it because the evidence surrounding the explosions in the Pentagon do not compare to the ironclad evidence we have about other aspects of 9/11. All we have to help us understand what happened at the Pentagon is a handful of blurry frames handed over to us by the government while we have one hundred percent verification that Larry Silverstein ordered WTC building 7 to be demolished - the evidence came straight from his own mouth.

We know for a fact that the hijackers were trained at the Defense Language School.

We know for a fact that public officials were warned in advance of the attacks not to fly.

We know for a fact that NORAD stood down on the morning of 9/11.

We know for a fact that documents outlining plans for flying remote controlled aircraft into government buildings as a means of inciting war, such as Operation Northwoods, have been in circulation within the Pentagon for decades.

These smoking guns, these incredible pieces of evidence, have all been ignored by the mainstream media and government mouthpieces. It is no coinicidence that they have chosen to focus on the Pentagon. This is the reason that we know that the Pentagon debate is dangerous because the debate has been manufactured to distract from the facts.

Charlie Sheen issued a challenge to the media and to the public at large to examine the facts and look at WTC Building 7 and the five frames of the Pentagon. The media subsequently ignored this challenge, ridiculed and demonized Sheen and finally has embraced these new videos of the pentagon which are even more ridiculous than the initial "evidence" of a plane hitting the Pentagon.

All of this should show people that 9/11 was a manufactured event, carefully orchestrated to allow people to consider only what those in control want people to consider.

They cannot address the other evidence without hinting at the facts of the scam, so they concentrate on the Pentagon.

This is an obvious setup and we believe that within a few months they will release crystal clear footage and place all the weight of the 9/11 conspiracy on that video.

If this is such a trap, then we must warn people and alert them to the layers of manipulation at play here. We must show others the irrefutable evidence that the media purposefully ignores. We must reveal how this is the most heinous self-inflicted wound, the most vile false-flag operation ever perpetrated by a government on its own people.