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Message Subject Greece's Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos arrested, rest of the party to be rounded up today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There going to start to round up all the various gangs all over the place and World not just Greece.

They consider Gangs of all sorts a problem. Canada's new mandate is too go after Criminal Organizations coming up. They give nothing back to Society and only are there to line their pockets with what they take from the masses. They are parasites that feed off everybody else. Everyday they are looking to take somthing from somebody that does not belong to them.

They are mostly going for the Ethnically Blended groups and out this way thats the United Nations Guys. There not Interested in the BIKERS Anymore.

The Ethnically Blended groups have ties to Muslims. Terrorism. Asia and the powers that be don't like that.

The Asian Gangs in Calgary and all over BC. The UN is going to be taken down eventually. They have been forming Elite Groups of Officers Young Ones to Infilrate these groups.

There days are numbered coming up.

Anybody they don't like they are going to round up even in Canada. They have their lists here to you know.

Canada is just quiet about it.
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