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Message Subject TPTB, Illuminati, Masons... are you there?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes we are real, Our intentions are to destroy America. Yes I have an Australian Flag. But that is to show you we are everywhere.

October 1st is when you will start to see the changes. As the American Constitutional rights officially end on this date. Hence the connection with the start date with the Obamacare Bill which is also October 1st. Co-incidence? I'll let you decide.

If you actually sit down and read parts of the Bill you will understand there is more to this Bill than just medical care and expenses.

You will see nothing like you have before. You think 9/11 was BIG. This will be the start of something that most will go against. Those that deny or go against the institution will suffer.

If you co-operate no harm will come to you. Just prepare to be shocked.

From the District Grand Lodge of NSW
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47501371

Decide on what lol. I've made my eternal decision.

From your post you are either A.)A delusional lunatic, B.)Someone who believes you have something important to say

Probably both... You just beat around the bush, all you did was throw out a whole bunch of stupid. You gave a date... big deal... you gave absolutely no information as to what you're talking about, so again... why hide, why the secrets?

What are YOUR plans and your plans. You as an individual, if you have a soul (my guess is no by your lack of caring), and you and your "lodge". What is the complete, 100% end goal of everything you guys seem to work so hard for. No lies, nothing hidden. What do you all want? I mean seriously...

The fact that there is a presence of a spirit of fear, obviously means that there is something more to this. It's either these topics are just some odd out turn of useless propaganda, or they are true. Either way...

I've made my choice. Now you decide whether lies or Truth is more powerful, see what the people of the world want. Do they want pain, suffering, and lies? I'm going to guess anybody with a heart says no. Truth always wins, hoping my fellow brothers and sisters are willing to stand by my side in this quest for knowledge.

Long Live the Truth.
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