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Message Subject TPTB, Illuminati, Masons... are you there?
Poster Handle ElijahMaitreya
Post Content
So are you guys real or not, why hide? What's the point of being a secret society with private members. Usually private members remain secret because they are shamefully small...I mean, if you guys have a plan for a NWO or whatever, hell if I know what it is, why not just announce it all publically with no sneakiness. What are you guys afraid of? ...that is, if you are real.

Seriously though, I want to know if you're real, and what your plans are.

btw, pun intended.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45033535

I was working at a McDonald's, in the break room some guy approached me asking what i thought of secret societies. Basically i told him to fuck off, he got pissed.
i looked at his face and his eyes looked like snake eyes and he had a wierd bump on his right jaw that seamed out of place. True story believe it or not.
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