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The parent-child relationship and its problems

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09/30/2013 11:49 PM
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The parent-child relationship and its problems
To the child the parent is the best man on earth

He provides food ,shelter ,love and care for him

But as the child grows so does his needs

soon enough his needs cannot be attained by the parent alone

\the child suddenly realizes that his parent is not the best man on earth that he has his limitations

and then the child revolts against his parents

many parents seek to control their children and to provide many things for them

and in doing so they postpone the natural rebellion which conferes identity to the child

thus the child becomes a grown man later in his life

that has happened with me too

I am speaking from my own experience

in the eyes of a rebelling child his parent who cant or wont or doesnt care to give him the things he needs

is the worst man on earth

and so the crysis of maturity appears and the seeds of the future progress of mankind

which has its roots in the desire of all children to be different than their parents

to do other things,to invent,to travel ,to simply become other creatures

these things happen with nations too

people in Europe naturally presume that Atlantis will care for them

when Atlantis no longer cares for them suddenly we are the worst

the same thing happened with America and Britain

the 13 colonies were poor in the 1600s-1700s

they needed expansion and as a young nation they sought to exterminate the indians and take their land

for that and for their own development they needed weapons and trained men

these things cost money so they had to make a loan through the British crown ,because in the 1700s finances were much more restricted than today

and Britain could not provide for them so they made a loan through the British to the Dutch bankers

and these loans had to be paid back

so the englishmen imposed a tax on tea on the colonies to make them pay back their loan

and the americans rebelled and had their war of independance

then they went bakrupt 17 times and have had a war of secession

this is not unusual

all nations went through periods of barbarism in their first 500 years

all young nations expanded at the expense of older nations


the unusual situation is that the american do not understand the normality of their situation

they believe themselves exceptional because they were never invaded in their entire history

and thus they cannot relate to the problems of other nations

only in the last 200 years they invaded others and got into other people problems and territories

and they grew up