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Message Subject what will be the first state to secede from the union
Poster Handle Resister
Post Content
Texas without a doubt, followed hopefully by TN
 Quoting: Black Unit

I think TN will follow with the same confusion it had during the civil war.

It seems that if you go west of the Cumberland plateau you've entered a different state.

Probably a split.

East TN/West TN
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23764026

Yep. TN was the last to enter the confederacy. It has always been socially divided into three different thinking groups of West, Middle, and East. That is what the three stars on the flag represent and it's still true today. Memphis leans left (as does Nashville). Middle TN is center right politically if you leave out Nashvagas. East TN is politically more conservative. Speech accent is different in each too.

Texas is always the front runner for secesion, but don't discount other flyover states like WY, MT, Oklahoma, and the Dakotas. A whole lot of people are fed up with having Nazi York and Commyfornia run their lives from the coasts through Washington's Distric of Criminals.
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