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Message Subject Why do the illuminati purposely expose themselves via clues found in media and false flag events?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'll propose a completely different point of view. The chruch demonized what was the original Illuminati Secret Society. This group originally championed civil rights and equality during the age of enlightenment. Hence, illumination. Anyways, the church bastardized, and demonized it so much that people still believe to this very fucking day that they are the masters of this world...


Whatever group is actually holding or vying for control is probably well hidden behind a once living organization. An excellent go to scapegoat that automatically gets blamed... It benefits them so well that the Illuminati gets accused for it.

"Hey Todd!"

"What? Edd?"

"Hey, let's purposefully make that hate for the Illuminati greater by making it seem like we're blatantly manipulating them!"

"By God Edd... You're a genius!"

The world is controlled by the influence of exchange, and debt. Who owns that debt, and exchange power are the likely both sociopathic, and non-sociopathic businessmen, and probably women.

If I were a super secret organization I sure would make it well known what we're doing. Oh, let's make it seem like we're satanists to!
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