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Message Subject Why do the illuminati purposely expose themselves via clues found in media and false flag events?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Actually, the answer is quite simple. They are playing a game, and the Illuminati cabal are merely ONE of the players. You didn’t think it just the cabal, and that there is no one on the side of humanity, did you? They make it seem that way, but we are very far from alone in this struggle. Like any game, there are rules, and the cabal is required to obey. It’s simple. The “other” powers that be understand that humans must be awakened, and while they would love to simply let us know they exist and that everything will be fine, they can’t. A simple way of putting it would be to compare it to Star Trek’s “Prime Directive” against non-interference. So the cabal that has ruled over us in secret for centuries can remain in control, but only if every single shady dealing and dirty deed is made known to the masses in some fashion. The truth really IS out there, in places like . . . well, like GLP. It has to be in order to give humanity the chance to wake up, see what’s happening, and rise up and put a stop to it. The cabal understands this, and also sees that their time is coming to an end. They have to tell you what they’re doing, but they are also allowed to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate through disinformation and outright lies.
Our challenge as humans is to see through beyond that veil to the truth, and then to take action. Only after humans have taken the initiative and started the resistance will we receive help from the “other” powers that be. They are there. They love us and want to help us, but whether or not they will is entirely up to us and will be decided by what we do. Be brave. Stay strong. Remain vigilant, and most importantly remember that we are not alone in this fight. We shall overcome.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13389831

Agreed . . . it is part of their "code" that they tell us what they are doing, or plan to do. It is entirely incumbent upon us, then, to pick up on these clues that they give us. If we don't, they figure that we deserve whatever we get for being too stupid to see what was right in front of our faces.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47762072

well it may have something to do with a belief in occult rituals that the power of the ritual is negligible without the 'consent' of those being worked on

subconscious consent - the kind that is given when something plays out before you but you are unaware of the significance -and so do nothing
is just as valid as conscious consent and somewhat handier for those who try to employ the occult to manipulate
( hidden in plain sight )
and it is the responsibility of each individual to be self aware ( and therefore aware of what is not self eg the power of a 'working')

and not the responsibility of the manipulator to expose themselves - but it is not without consequence

I wouldn't worry about the particularly sad tools who use the occult though,
they are getting less and less relevant as the workings of the old age prove ill equipped for the new and fundamentally useless

and they weren't aware of that-didn't see it coming -still probably can't quite believe it


nuf said
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