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Message Subject Why do the illuminati purposely expose themselves via clues found in media and false flag events?
Poster Handle clapon
Post Content
It appears obvious at this point that the secret society which controls our government and economy WANTS the public to know that they exist, they are in control, and that their intentions are ill.

It appears that the illuminati/freemasons etc. WANT us to know that they are responsible for false flag terrorism.

My questions the the godlike community are:

Why are these secret organizations leaving clues and trails that allow some of us to understand exactly who and what they are?

What do they stand to gain from constantly inserting symbolic imagery and numerology in damn near everything that we see and do?

Are they exposing themselves to those of us who are more conscious and aware for the purpose of creating a certain division amongst the people that they can exploit in some way?

Please advise.
 Quoting: Righteous Way

BECAUSE THEY WANT THE PEOPLE TO CHANGE THERE WAYS OR DIE . THEY WANT US TO STAND UP FOR OUR HUMANITY OR BE FOUND UNWORTHY. SEEMS RATHER SIMPLE. how many times has the human race gone through this same sinerio and not changed and destroyed itself for the same reasons
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