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Message Subject Did Lady Gaga murder her rival?
Poster Handle ladulce
Post Content
I just watched that whole 12 minute video and I have to say it is the MOST far-reaching thing I have ever seen.

Seriously. Anytime someone has a girl with long straight dark hair in their video it does NOT have to be about the dead girl. Women in these videos have long hair. Half of them will have it dark colored. That does not make a conspiracy.

Whomever made that video is..... Out of it?

I expect some kind of evidence or something, not, 'gaga posed like this at one point and that resembles this label. this person on this label sings this song, and, is flipping off the girl with black hair (like victims), therefore, they are in it together...' wtf?

I just lost 12 minutes of my life and I think my IQ has decreased. Thanks.
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