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Message Subject Illuminati all-seeing eye seen on Revolution episode tonight!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

- The two "bad" groups in the episode:
-- one, the one which represents the government impostors, writes in Arabic,
-- the other, the one that captures Charlie and Monroe, speaks Russian.
- Aaron dies, clinically, then re-"awakens" and is plagued by "foreseeing/foreshadowing" visions, which he is afraid to trust and would rather believe that he's "losing it".
- The Illuminati eye.

So, what is the message?
- Russians and Arabs are the enemy.
- If you think you're seeing messages of "prophetic" truth or disclosure, you're just imagining things, or you're becoming mentally unstable.
- The all seeing eye sees everything, controls everything, then and now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47130945

We know the Arabic group is bad. The Russian group, though, are portrayed as bounty hunters, mercenaries for hire. Hmmm... 15,000 Russian troops...

- Monroe, the rebel general, keeps intimating to Charlie that she is mistaken about who is truly on the bad side here and who is good. Will Monroe, the rebel, emerge as the good guy in the end? Will Arabs be behind the detonations? Will the Russian mercenaries switch sides and come to the aid of the rebels? Hmmm...

Getting interesting indeed.

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