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Subject Only autistics believe in the Illuminati
Poster Handle SomeoneSane
Post Content
It's the truth. Just about everyone I've seen who believes in the Illuminati or that "the gubmint puts AIDS in our water supply!!!" or other such bullshit are people with way too much free time on their hands. They got no friends, no hobbies, no jobs, no nothing. How else would they know such ridiculous amounts of information and see "connections" between things that make no fucking sense? And before you try to prove that you're "biting" and "witty" and "not autistic" by asking me how much did the "ILERMENERTER" pay me to write this, I'd just like to say I fucking wish the Illuminati paid me to be a "shill". Alas, my car is 15 years old and malfunctioning. Oh well, at least I'm not some autistic who masturbates to eyes in triangles.
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