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Subject Glowing Object in Night Sky Scans Treeline - UFO, or U DON'T KNOW????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Of all the UFO sightings this one is truly interesting.

The video, taken from a home security cam, around 11pm on October 2nd, near souther MI, shows a bright glowing object descend into view above the treeline (for reference), whilst changing color.

The most interesting part is that as it moves over the treeline, you can clearly see what seems to be a green laser-like light, shining across the tops of the trees, ad though it was scanning them.

As it leaves, the shape of the object changes into a cylindrical form as it shoots upwards into the sky.

The poster on YT states he lives near an airbase and thinks they might have caught this one on radar.

So, is it a UFO, or what? You be the judge judy.....

[link to youtube.com]

Original story sources:

www.rense.com 'Amazing Footage on Home Security Cam'
[link to www.theufochronicles.com]
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