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Subject William Birnes Speaks about my being a ET HYBRID on 'UFO Hunters: Book One' recent interview!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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William Birnes Speaks about me on 'UFO Hunters: Book One' recent interview! I am just glad this information is reaching the masses so we can move along and release the entire story to humanity and reveal humanities true ancient histoey, who we truly are and how it came to be we are here.

William Birnes on 'UFO Hunters: Book One'

6. Would you tell us about the two young men spoke of in the book who claimed ET ancestry?

Both Michael Lee Hill of Ohio and Terrell Copeland had had numerous UFO sightings and had taken very compelling video of UFOs in their respective locations. Both said they had actual psychic communication with the UFOs, which had seemed to announce their presence in advance. In Terrell's case, he said that he had psychic abilities since he was a child and described an incident in which strange people told him that he had to study his "star seed." Michael Hill said that he was also instructed to study his connection with ETs. After Terrell told us that he had been discharged from the Marines because of an unidentified blood disorder, we decided to investigate by setting up blood work at Massachusetts General Hospital. We also had Michael Lee Hill tested as well. What we found out was that both experiencers had a blood anomaly, a secretion of protein from their muscles into their blood which did not seem to be environmental in origin, but because Michael and Terrell were as culturally diverse as any two people could be, having that blood disorder was a very strange occurrence. Maybe their UFO encounters experiences had done more than simply impressed themselves upon their memories. Maybe their relationship with UFOs went far deeper and involved some sort of hybridization between humans and aliens.

[link to www.examiner.com]
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