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Message Subject William Birnes Speaks about my being a ET HYBRID on 'UFO Hunters: Book One' recent interview!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Which of the two people mentioned are you?

Do you have any special abilities?
 Quoting: waxonwaxoff

My name is Michael Lee Hill

Special Abilities? 1st off, I think we all have special abilities, some never tap into those abilities.

I guess the most real world tangible real world ability would be my ability to communicate thoughts, feels, and emotions concerning our personal realities that will never be expressed through words, only music.

I am an award winning musician...

How can music encode spiritual information?

Other than that, if you are wondering about the more esoteric side of it, Yes, I am telepathic, and tuned in I guess is a good way of saying it.

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