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Message Subject stick your 68 million years illuminati lie
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

soft tissue
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47476126

They know they lied with all these evolution bull crap. How come we only have 6000 years of provable history? Soft tissue means its not that old....or all chemistry and biology books needs to be rewritten.

I don't know what else isn't a lie.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47929759

Forget the 6,000 years.. that would be close to the advent of Adam, not the age nor advent of other lifeforms that were made, formed and created bfore the advent of Adam.

Dinosaurs are Dragons, and Dragons are Dinosaurs... these are the same thing. Ancient man was able, like now, do dig up bones, and find much the same as we find now. WHy think it any different?

Also, Nimord was a mighty hunter before the Lord.. Nimrods kingdom had cities that had large, width, thick and tall Walls... man can scale such walls relatively easy... so why build such massive walls? Oh, perhaps Nimrod was hunting Dragons/Dinosaurs. Thing its hard to keep the bull elephants penned up? What about a Bracheosaurous.. what sort of Wall do you build to keep that critter from coming inside your city?

There is an assumption about YEARS.. it seems to be prevalent 'foolishness' to thing that the Earth has always had the same Orbit time span, and that the rotation of the Earth around its axis has always been the same span of time... yet, were these so the alleged 3.5 Billion years ago, or 2 Billion years ago, or even 68 Millin years ago?

Blind Faith Assumption... Science is but yet just another Religion.
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