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Message Subject Backlash illuminati card at bottom of screen
Poster Handle Chugiakian
Post Content
Wow 11 pages of hysteria from idiots that don't know shit about the Internet. Ignorance is what worries me most these days
 Quoting: orion411

over all people think that there are 8 layers in total. the last one being the primarch system. you need quantum computing to get past the 6th layer. and this is where things get REALLY fucked up.
the 7th layer from what i know is where the big players are. they are all trying to stop each other.
basically there are hundreds of million (or billion) dollar operations gunning for control.

the 7th layer is sometimes call "the fog"
or "virus soup" because the entire thing is pumped full of SOO SOO much code to try and ruin other people poking around in there.
basically everyone is fighting to keep others out because of the value of the systems below.

level 8 is impossible to access directly. the primarch system is literally the "thing" controlling the internet at the moment
no government has control of it. in fact nobody even knows what it IS. its a anomaly that basically was discovered by super deep web scans in the early 2000's.
the system is unresponsive but it sends out unalterable commands to the entire net randomly.
basically the entire 7th layer is people trying to gain access to the 8th and stopping others (at any cost) from getting there as well.
the 8th layer is thought to be separated by a level 17 quantum t.r.001 level function lock (aka virtually impossible for our computers to break atm).
 Quoting: .Kaos

This correlates to Quantum Humanity!
So, if we don't look at it, does it go away?
Or as with the double slit theory, when we all focus on it, does the randomness go away, and give us access to the 8th level?
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