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the Illuminati not so bad after all?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28397026
10/07/2013 08:47 PM
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the Illuminati not so bad after all?
for all intents and purposes, the term "Illuminati" is used as a blanket covering every evil on the planet. from the fat pig in texas to every sweaty bearded charlatan who made a buck off the name has been blaming on evils on the world on them

with what proof, however? we can read the protocols of zion and come to a conclusion..did the usage of the name start with myron fagen?

I think a lot of people would be eating their words and accusations slowly if they found out that the Illuminati are the only things keeping our asses from being bagged by the alien03

I mean seriously...what if they're some secret resistance who've known the facts about the alien question and had to keep hidden in order to survive?

the point is, ask questions. Why wouldn't they be the good guys?