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Ahahahaah, i see what your doing "They", the Government, and the Media... The NAVY shooting and the DC shooting of a woman last week!!!

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10/08/2013 12:45 AM
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Ahahahaah, i see what your doing "They", the Government, and the Media... The NAVY shooting and the DC shooting of a woman last week!!!
tooooo cute guys but i already figured your game out.. and i hope yall have to or will at least think about it after my post.. no fancy videos and no web links just a common sense post from me!!!

so for at least 60 years we have been losing the war, but slowly winning the battle, as in the awaken people vs. " they" we wake up more people everyday, but they do not make new sheep everyday except people that are born into the world. because you have to be awaken by yourself , because they will not start a new life awaken.. so anyway

we have been getting more people and they know they are losing, so all of a sudden and we have 2 new " crimes" the navy shooting and this woman driving a car? yes driving a car is all i can see that she done? so this navy shooter guy was a nutttt right, he thinks stuff that alot of awaken people believe( i mean not me i dont think any radio waves or whatnot) but alot of yall do think conspiracys can go that far.. so he decided to go shoot up some people... now last week a lady drives a car and she said obama was doing whatever the media said she was doing, but they blew her brains out, but yeah she thinks all this conspriacy stuff right? even her sister came out and said she was fine and not crazy, but the media reports how crazy she was and thinking about stuff awaken people or even crazy people think!!!!

and then it hit me because of these 2 incidents THEY ARE TRYING TO TELL THE SHEEP THAT ANYONE WHO THINKS AGAINST THE NORM IS A CRAZY PERSON AND WILL GO SHOOT UP PEOPLE OR DRIVE A CAR NEAR DC AND NEED TO BE KILLED OR NOT TRUSTED!!!!!! this is how they are trying to fight back against us as we are slowly winning!!!! they are telling the sheep to be alert that anyone that makes anti-government posts or says 911 and sandy hook was fake ( or not fake as 911 happened but laughable to think it happened by " terrorists" but sandy hook never happened at all) anyone who knows to not trust the government is a potiential terrorist

so i bet there will be more incidents and if people just go crazy and do what crazy people do they will try and blame the awaken. they are not just saying to the sheeple that the awaken people are crazy, they are telling them that we may hurt them and cause more incidents!!!! this is how they fight back against us!!

so people think about it. let others know this as well and lets wait and see how other incidents will have some kinda awaken or truther message with them!!!! they are trying to crackdown on us!!!

again im not here for proper typing or spelling this was just an original thought and post, and if people like that then hey thanks guy, i just wanna help the masses as why we are here. anyone else notice all that i pointed out though?

if you think or KNOW things are not as we are told, then you are evil and will hurt others!!!! thats the message!!!!
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United States
10/08/2013 01:11 AM
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Re: Ahahahaah, i see what your doing "They", the Government, and the Media... The NAVY shooting and the DC shooting of a woman last week!!!
Take the pill and watch this shit...

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