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Subject The Illuminati Backlash Card and Obama: A Message
Poster Handle MysticSleuth
Post Content
I know Im a little late on the subject, but regardless of the fact that the card has been on the bottom of this site I still see a lot of people fiercely driving the idea that Obama needs to be impeached. (an idea which I do not necessarily oppose)

The Illuminati card game has been prophetic in many cases, and if it is in this scenario, and President Obama is impeached? I want you to think about this before you break out the wine bottles.

Look at this card at the link below(teflon coating)
[link to inthenameofyeshua.files.wordpress.com]

The backlash card is followed up by this card, "teflon coating". Whoever replaces Obama (assuming Biden is out too) is going to be a puppet to the same masters. They knew there was going to be a backlash and theyve been intentionally provoking the American people.

If or when you celebrate that hes out of office, you will be playing their game, and we will forget that not only does the new president have the same masters, but they his masters more plans on their agenda.
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