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ALIPAC Protests Illegal Alien Access To Closed DC Mall

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 41239039
United States
10/08/2013 12:40 PM
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ALIPAC Protests Illegal Alien Access To Closed DC Mall
Raleigh, NC, USA (October 8, 2013) ó Contact: ALIPAC (866) 703-0864 / Press@alipac.us

ALIPAC is protesting the Obama administrationís decree that allows illegal immigrants and their supporters to setup a stage and conduct political theater designed to encourage immigration reform Amnesty legislation within the DC Mall which is currently closed to American taxpayers.

While a majority of Americans want borders secured and oppose Amnesty, it was recently reported by Breitbart News that the Obama administration is ordering US Border Patrol Agents to stand clear and allow illegal immigrants and drug smugglers to enter the US.

Click here to view Picture of SEIU Setting up on DC Mall Oct 7: [link to www.pinterest.com]

For interviews and more information about these betrayals of Americans and ALIPACís efforts to politically fight back against illegal immigration and Amnesty legislation please visit [link to www.ALIPAC.us.]

For more info on 3 major Obama protests this weekend, click here: [link to www.alipac.us]