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America Is Wealthy Beyond Belief. You Are Being Duped Into Thinking America Is Broke.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 43698054
10/09/2013 03:03 PM
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America Is Wealthy Beyond Belief. You Are Being Duped Into Thinking America Is Broke.
So that you will demand that the rich e given lower and lower taxes which will result in the collapse of the Social Safety Net.

Privatization of Education, Post Office Services, Water an Utilities etc. will lead to derivatives and shorts when every American institution is placed on the stock market and swindled away by the 1% right along with your Social Security which they have been after since the 1970's.

The result will be catastrophic poverty as America is shut down and sold bit by bit to China to pay off the debt.

The wealthy Americas are short sighted, the will have nowhere to run as Europe will be overrun ans sacked by angry Jihadist's Muslims when America cannot afford to fuel even one Battleship to come to Europe's aid.

All the Wealthy in America see is dollar signs and Capitalism they have no loyalty to America and the hordes of poor will overrun them as the criminal mentality and poverty become the norm.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 43698054
10/09/2013 03:12 PM
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Re: America Is Wealthy Beyond Belief. You Are Being Duped Into Thinking America Is Broke.
As Europe collapses so too will Canada and America be made to collapse as we are seeing now.

Europe is finished. It has Cancer, a cancer called derivatives debt. The sucking hole is killing Europe so operatives in America are being directed to redirect American wealthy towards the top.


Because the same people who own Europe own America. A fake financial crisis is being maintained by the wealthy in order to funnel the wealth out of America and into the pockets of the rich to make up for European losses.

But it cannot be made up. The derivatives debt eating away at Europe is growing exponentially and is now into the Quadrillions. It is sucking up all wealth even as they print more money and seize more European lands and wealth.

American elites are now shutting down America so the overlords won't have to spend their money maintaining America, just polie, military and Wallstreet are all that they want to be operational to keep their investments flowing.

Soon they will see that Americans are not going to go for this shut down of the American economy to save the rich from paying taxes.

This is why the Syrian/Iranian war is being prepped to save European and generate an economy that will be large enough to stem the derivatives Cancer using hungry American fodder a soldiers.

It will fail and unleash Hell on Europe and collapse America entirely.