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Message Subject Which illuminati cards have been played already and whats yet to come?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Very shortly the Combined Diasters card

The yellow Olympic ring is missing, it is represented in the air on fire
Look to the 8/13/04 Athens Olympics were they placed the rings of fire in the 'immense body of water'

What is called the 'ring of fire'? The pacific ocean

Why were there 8000 torches at the London Olympics with 8000 tiny holes of fire in each? 8000x8000 = 64 million

Why is the pacific ocean listed as 64 million square miles?

Why is the pacific ocean listed as 9000 x 11000 miles?

Why are there 3377 days between 8/13/04 of the Athens game and 11/11/13? In other words, 9 years, 2 months and 29 days....9/11 part 2

What time is on the clock? 11:11

Why is the English word November from the Latin word meaning Nine, making 11/11 actually NINE 11?

Why did the firm who produced the burning rings in water at the Athens Olympics use 50MW of natural gas? What does 50 signify? 

Why have they convinced so many that the rumblings and booms and vibrations felt are of extraterrestrial origin, when all of it stems from their workings to prepare the coming devastation from below ground?

These people worship the created, they perform fire sacrifices to their 'gods'. The 9/11 part 2 is just around the corner. Take heed and seek the One True God and His Son Jesus Christ whilst you can. We were all warned at the level of deception to be upon us. You will not understand it without the Truth.
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