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I would BENEFIT from Obamacare, tell me if this is OK with you

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United States
10/10/2013 09:08 AM
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I would BENEFIT from Obamacare, tell me if this is OK with you
Let me say first I WONT sign up for Ocare,no way in hell..But since we hear so much about everyones premiums going up or getting cancelled, I wanted to give an example of why...

Based on the Obamacare calculator, when taking into consideration my income of 35k, family size of 5, and ages, we would pay $700 for a YEAR of health care, with about $7000 in subsidies which OTHERS will pay...the deductible is $4500...

I have always been a cash payer. I dont make alot but was smart when I was younger and have basically no bills, own my home, ect...We as a family spent maybe $1000 on medical last year...SO,under Ocare I would be paying about $60 a month, plus deductible....OTHERS would be paying $7k in subsidies for NOTHING unless something major happens...My families medical care would have to add up to over $12000 before all the money being paid into the system was less than what was being paid out...bottom line, this is a money grab...

I just thought I would share an example. Yes, in theory, if someone in my home gets really sick or hurt, Obamacare would help at some point vrs me paying cash. But only because others are paying for it, which is no different than if I went to the emergency room , couldnt pay, and other people paid for it...

There are alot of theories about what the real reason for Ocare is, but it sure isnt about health care thats for sure...something is really really wrong
spine monkey
User ID: 39475233
United States
10/10/2013 09:28 AM
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Re: I would BENEFIT from Obamacare, tell me if this is OK with you

would you have taken your children or yourself or spouse to get more medical/wellness care (more than $1000 worth) if you could do so cheaply?

For instance, physical therapy. I and both of my children have had to have pt over the past three years. If we had to pay all, it would have been thousands of dollars---$75 per visit x 60 or so visits. But it didn't, because of healthcare, so we were able to avoid further physical problems.

How about yearly physicals for you and your wife? A $150 physical could find a disease that later might cost you $500,000.

I understand your point. I think that there are many many variables that come into play.

And, of course, a healthier society overall decreases health costs in the future--especially when people get older--and increases productivity because of fewer lost worker hours/days, fewer bad products being made by sick people, etc.

And then there is drug treatment. Many people without health insurance cannot get proper drug treatment. Fixing those people saves money in the long run and decreases the human tragedy of drug/alcohol affliction.

There's much more. I'd like to continue talking about this.

Jaws (OP)

User ID: 29042445
United States
10/10/2013 10:02 AM
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Re: I would BENEFIT from Obamacare, tell me if this is OK with you
Ok, well a couple things that make my situation " not the norm"..
I am a massage therapist,and also an acupuncturist. So other than my own MT and PT care, I take care of the family. Which leads me to another point that bothers me about Ocare, is that they want to reduce the costs, but wont pay for anything natural, like massage or acupuncture. They force you to use western medicine. Now, I do use western in addition to natural , but Ocare only covers western. If they truly wanted to reduce costs, pay for everyone to have 4 massages a year. Ask any LMT how many less pain pills their clients have to take in the weeks after getting a massage. But thats all another subject..

The $1000 a month covers checkups for my wife and kids. I have a homeopath I see for my checkups, just my preference. My main issue, is that for example, my brother is a healthy non smoking 48 year old and will be paying almost monthly for himself what I would pay for a family of 5 for a year. There is no middle ground. I couldnt afford the policy without the subsidies BUT there isnt a sliding scale where you just get a little subsidy, from what I have seen its all or nothing...I would rather pay $3700 a year and have HIS drop by $3000, instead of me paying $700 and he pays $6000...Thats what I feel anyway


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