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Message Subject Post Your Best Ghost/Alien/Cryptozoology Photos Or Videos.
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content
I saw one weird thing in the japan tsunami footage, saw it live with my own eyes on a 62 HD TV. Lot easier to see in true HD in a giant screen, my conclusion is it could be the self-stabilizing equipment, but itís just weird, but itís not in every shot.

They look like running white sheets when you see it, put it on the biggest screen you own, make sure you have it on HD

There are three of them, youíll see the first one come on camera at 5:49 in the upper left corner and a few second later at 5:56 another on the left side of the screen, it is obscured by the green screen for a second but it is heading right for the big boat top center. The second one appears acutely jumps on the boat, they at this point look like they are running but by about 6:20 all three of them seem to be flying form a v and move off camera to the right together.

[link to www.youtube.com]

One of the strangest things I ever saw on live TV.

It could be the three cameras in the self-stabilizing mounted cameras, without know the make I canít tell, that was how I explained it to my self, I still have the original video saved. And why did it move off screen if it was the three cameras processing the image to stabilize it. If you watch the whole vid they pop up a few times here and there alone also.

I never posted this before, I could never find a HD copy of the footage before.
 Quoting: Chrit

are u trolling ? its clearly birds u can even see their wings flapping
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48028828

Nope not birds, that's why I say put it on a 60 inch TV or bigger. Watch the second one that goes on to the boat and how it moves for the first 15 seconds, then watch it stop.

I wish I could find a 1080p version of the vid. I've had a lot of people look at it and they defiantly go from a jerky running motion to flying.
 Quoting: Chrit

I can post others lot of people noticed it, I was never impressed with most the footage because it's not in HD.

Almost looks like a sheet running like a horse but then they fly and move up and through the debris jumping on and off it.

annoying vid, start half way though it, you can see the movement a little better, but not as clear. It is there what ever "it" was. Also realize the movements compared to the size of the car in the pic, that's 20+ foot movements and fast.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Now that you know what they wanted you to see go back to the HD vid I posted, make sure you have it in 720p and watch starting at about 1 min looking for that object and follow it as it moves in the HD vid.
 Quoting: Chrit

OMG...there birds. Some people...WOW.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4650715

Acutely the number one reply is "cats" if you look at the second video,no one said birds once and itís at 2.1 million hits. For all the hits very few have seen the footage, Iím just glad I found the broadcast in 720P , make sure you have it cranked up, not even worth watching in 360p

I still lean to the camera, but there are other shots with 5 in the vid, the camera is only 3 cameras normally. Each camera picks a digital focal point, the three images are combined to make a stable image, So I assume this the camera fighting to keep a stable image by selecting focal points in the debris field, and when they turn in to bird itís because the camera zooms out and lets go of the close focal points and that would be where the ďthingĒ drift off screen.

Watch it all, there is more right before they cut to the news briefing at around 7:40, that's where my camera theory seems to fall apart if it's only a 3 camera system, but I would have to know the make on the camera. It could be creating the points, I kinda trust them to have top of the line equipment so, it is the theory I lean to even still.
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