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Moriah Conquering Wind - Path of the Owl - I have mastered TEX

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34700297
United States
10/10/2013 09:08 PM
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Moriah Conquering Wind - Path of the Owl - I have mastered TEX
I have invoked and mastered TEX.

The invokation culminated in 6 1/2 years of the lower aspect of the astral manifested in the revulstion of self.

Through the silver mirror I overcame.

I am ready for the next aethyr.

Please contact me Moriah Conquering Wind. I am ready.

I have talent beyond human belief. It is trodden upon and stolen by them. I cannot give. I cannot bring to fruition without you.

He has given me this talent. In the lowly. In the small, the talent was succored over years of discipline.

in the back seats of cars
on the lonely boardwalk devoid of stars
in the company of many who cease to walk
in the path of artists unto the end

Arists across the world you understand me. We have given everything for the birth of the new world.

Hear my voice Moriah Conquering Wind.