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At least he's honest and upfront about things! LOL.

Seeking more input on your chart, OP? I read it for you in another thread you posted about it earlier.

You seem really stuck on this idea that your chart is predicting you'll be in some position of significant power. A natal chart is really representative of a person's potential and is not necessarily predictive, and how the energies inherent in the chart manifest are all dictated by one's own free will. You could be an emperor, or just a really authoritative janitor.

Astrology is the map, not the territory. Don't put so much faith in something like this that you lose yourself to it.

You need to consider present and future influences on the natal chart. These can be found in your solar return chart. I am not that experienced with predictive astrology so don't ask me to read one for you. If you have specific questions about yourself and your future, look into horary astrology, wherein you cast a chart for a question and read the planetary significators and their aspects to help guide you toward the answers. I have some experience with this.

Again, remember that this is just a map of your inherent tendencies and energies manifesting at the time of your birth. You are not your birth chart. You have free will and can become whatever you wish. If you want to be an illuminati emperor, the chart might support you, but it may equally support something else entirely. The choice is up to you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46084613

are you my AC friend from my other thread?

 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP

Yes. Sorry I don't post more rapid updates on your threads- I like to pop in from time to time and keep updated on your story. Anyone who takes the initiative to read and interpret their own charts should be applauded.
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