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Poster Handle Dreamily Resonant VIP
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Hey Extremely Persistent!

The chart of the "king" has a Grand Air Trine. And a boat. A ferry. As he comes from the sky to ferry the souls in this life. Born in a ring of fire Solar Eclipse. Many years before you on the same date. Kings Day. January 6th.

The Alpha born on 12/25

The Omega born on 1/6

12th Night.

12th Life.

Not you son. But I would understand why you would feel so connected to him. The Grail King. The Judge. Being born days after the birth of a key relationship in his life.

Not so Illuminati though as ALL systems. This guy is here for the entire earth system. Not just one.

The only power involved is teaching others to take their true inborn powers back.

 Quoting: Katie Scarlett 44

keep dreaming.

lol I love how they cant deal with the fact he is young(old in the inside) and not a middleaged man.
 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP

I love that you can't deal with the fact that you are stuck in a place that the true "king" never would be.

The true king is humble and mature. Not an immature young man saying look at me look at me look at me. Demanding that people believe you. When you have nothing to share but claim after claim. I have yet to see you impart one piece of knowledge here to others. That is what the king would do.

Dream on. You are tuned in but not him.

The ones watching and handling the situation know that they are middle aged and married for decades now.

Your heart will weigh heavy braggart. You will be devoured by the lioness at the gates if you continue will this willful pride.
 Quoting: Katie Scarlett 44

share your daddy's birth chart.
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