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Poster Handle andreidita
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tell have you already met Sophia, or the Mother of the World, or whatever name you care to call Her?
are you able to recognize Her Voice?
to open Your Soul to Her?
 Quoting: andreidita

i don't know, you would have to tell me what the experience of her manifestation feels like.
 Quoting: Dreamily Resonant VIP

for example read the passage below as Her adressing You (the Masculine Spirit embodied in you, more precisely). and see how you feel Her

"A man sheering sheep

We are all around you. We clamor here. There is something we need from you. But we donít know how to ask. You must sort it out for us. We only know to come here and gather around you and search out your goodness for us.
We most prefer you when you cast off your human guise of being so busy and knowing what youíre doing, in order to join us in the process of divesting ourselves of everything that still is in our way. We can use you best when you are stripped to meet us, plain, straightforward, just here for what comes each time.
We need you to be clear. You are the man. We need you to not be attached, not be anxious, not be tangled up like we are. We must have your best now. For there are too many of us and not enough of you.
We need all the help we can get. You hold a focus and you stay on it. We can only distract you. Yet it is our job, all of us, to give you a hard time, more than you can handle. For we have to be sure that youíre really here with us.
Yes, we are fully aware that you do not carry extraordinary virtues. Weíre not accusing you of being a genius. We are imploring you to give us your best effort every time and that is all.
For we, your fate, your companions, we know you so well. You were that shepherd who got us to this point in the first place. And we know you will be here to take it further every time. Thatís who you are.
We do make one extra special request. Do not deny what we say. Do not shrug off, throw off, make such light of what it does for all of us when you stay on the beam. So let us take you away from what you want to do and let us restore you to the recognition that you are carrying a very great treasure. And if you give it away to each one of us so easily, that shows us how true this treasure is in life.
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