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Message Subject Breaking House Republicans put impeachment on the table, say Obama close to dictatorship
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
So she wants Joe Biden to be President? I always knew she was an idiot.
 Quoting: SkepticalWordSmith

Foot in mouth biden suffered from ruptured brain aneurysm meaning part of his brain was destroyed which might account for his inability to speak without horrific gaffs this makes him a useful puppet to the UN puppet obama and nothing more.

Democratic VP nominee Biden releases medical records
[link to www.cnn.com]
 Quoting: SilverPatriot

The head wound that healed??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48073061

Cured th odds are not with him especially with all his wanton verbal gaffs biden is mentally damaged "goods" to be tossed out.

What is the prognosis?

An unruptured aneurysm may go unnoticed throughout a personís lifetime. A burst aneurysm, however, may be fatal or could lead to hemorrhagic stroke, vasospasm (the leading cause of disability or death following a burst aneurysm), hydrocephalus, coma, or short-term and/or permanent brain damage.

[link to www.ninds.nih.gov]

Cerebral Aneurysm

About 40 to 50 percent of patients with ruptured aneurysms survive; 20 percent of these patients will have no permanent physical deficits.
Re-hemorrhage occurs in about 20 percent of cases within the first 14 days after the initial rupture.

[link to www.aans.org (secure)]

Brain Aneurysm
[link to www.medicinenet.com]

Brain Aneurysm
[link to www.nlm.nih.gov (secure)]

Cerebral Aneurysms Fact Sheet
[link to www.ninds.nih.gov]
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