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Message Subject Breaking House Republicans put impeachment on the table, say Obama close to dictatorship
Poster Handle ººOATºº
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I'm so sick of people comparing Obama to Bush.

There's a big difference between someone you disagree with and someone who is evil. Even assuming Bush purposefully committed crimes, it's like comparing Nixon to Hitler. One did wrong, one embodied all that was wrong.

No matter what you think of Bush,or how you judge his choices, he wasn't the worst president we've ever had, he won't go down in history known for one scandal after another, he didn't literally transform the landscape of our country and our constitution, and most of all he didn't blame everything on Clinton and refuse to take responsibility. In short, he wasn't a narcissistic sociopath! There is NO comparison.

Obama is an evil and horrible man. There are other "leaders" he can be compared to in the history of the world, but none we've seen in the USA. Bush isn't even in the same ballpark.
 Quoting: Little Willow

You should hear yourself.

Bush totally changed the landscape of this country after 9/11.

He made us give up liberty for security.

And you bought it.

You are a sycophant for the fake two-party system.

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