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Message Subject Obama This, Obama That - Government Shutdown? Cry Me a Fucking River.. Here's How it REALLY is, Bitches...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's a FEMA camp ready for you!

Seriously I can't believe you want the gov't to completely shut down with a possible default next week as well. Even a few hours of the EBT cards down caused a slight panic on Saturday.

As usual the talks will drag out till the last second and a plan will be made / passed to save the day. sometime at 12:00 on October 17th. If we default then the plan to do so has already been made.. and bail ins, theft of 401k etc will happen as Dodd Frank allows.... at least with respect to a bail in. Do I think we will default? No.. not yet but if changes are not made to the fundamental way our gov't functions we will default at some point.

At what point do the Democrats openly began to turn on Obama? Another 3 years of his failed policies and the Dem's may loose the Senate and lose more ground in the House. Thank God we have a few Tea Party members who are holding the line. There has to now be a faction of Dems who loath Obama. I hate the two parties and their party vote. they hold the entire USA hostage will fail after fail.
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