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Message Subject Obama This, Obama That - Government Shutdown? Cry Me a Fucking River.. Here's How it REALLY is, Bitches...
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.....and bump for the truth before some dumbass posts another thread about how some checks aren't going out next month and how it's the fault of some political party who can't make up their minds...

There is only ONE person who is at fault for ANY repercussions of this situation - THE AVERAGE AMERICAN.

Before I explain, just think about that... We reap what we sow and ignorance is bliss. They're playing us, leveraging us on our own fucking weakness.. Fact!
 Quoting: Slick Vick

You got it! Bump for truth! I turned the ignorant box off over a year or so ago! And your right at this point no government is a good thing! Because it derailed long ago, and now wants to derail this train wreck into your living room. And i aint havin it either!bumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumprockonrockonrockon5a
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