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Message Subject Obama This, Obama That - Government Shutdown? Cry Me a Fucking River.. Here's How it REALLY is, Bitches...
Poster Handle Don ald
Post Content
Banks such as Wells Fargo are retail/commercial banks, not 'real' banks.
They manage commercial paper (fiat currency), not real currency.

Fiat currency needs value to back it.

When they print fiat currency "out of thin air"...it has not yet received its value, it acts like credit.
They print and spend debt because the fiat currency has not yet been backed with energy and labor.

When employees are paid, the fiat currency brought into existence 'after' the employees work... will have *buying* power(energy and labor creates value giving commercial paper buying power).

It should be easy to understand why they think of different ways to collect the fiat currency brought into existence 'after' employees work... so they can collect fiat currency with buying power to replace (or compensate) the fiat currency they are printing and spending "out of thin air".

They use the fiat currency like credit, and the people add the value to it with their labor.
The people act as the Creditors for the Corporation.

Also note:
Commercial paper fiat currency is for businesses.
The usage fees attached for using the fiat currency is paid for by the Companies profits or revenue.

But when regular working employees are made to pay for usage fees for using the fiat currency, they have to pay these fees with their own energy and labor.

The problem? Fiat currency needs energy and labor to add value to it. So how can the "usage fees' be paid for? Using more energy and labor...
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