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Message Subject Obama This, Obama That - Government Shutdown? Cry Me a Fucking River.. Here's How it REALLY is, Bitches...
Poster Handle zip50
Post Content
It's not just the tv, the internet is full of HATEFUL propaganda memes that folks pick up and start parroting. Not for once realizing that they are doing the work of tptb by spreading their hateful propaganda and divide & conquer tactics for them.

They still think we have a 2 party system.

They keep screaming about Obomacare & hoping the republicans will save them, all the while forgetting that it is a republican bill.

They still think a president has any power. Always whining about Obama this & Obama that.

They fell for the 'marriage between a man & woman' trash & are now homophobic.

They despise the poor & social services, thinking our taxes would go down if we didn't have them. And that they are the ones bankrupting our country.

They hate muslims because they are convinced they are terrorists, even though they have seen evidence numerous times that we invade other countries because the banks/corporations & Israel demand we do so.

They believe all blacks drive new suvs, have 1000.00 free obama phones & eat lobster on the tax payers dime, because a one party stresses this rhetoric & that folks vote for presidents due to the free stuff he will give them.

And these are the people who claim to be awake.

As far as government...we don't HAVE a damn government. We have a huge corporate office in DC where the CEO's bleed society dry because their shareholders (banks, corporations)demand for more profit is neverending.
 Quoting: Mason 5065662


This is the truth. Great post!
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