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Message Subject Obama This, Obama That - Government Shutdown? Cry Me a Fucking River.. Here's How it REALLY is, Bitches...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fuck Obama. Fuck the Libs. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck the whole goverment and its pathetic, crybaby, temper-tantrum shutdown and FUCK all you pussies who are crying about it..

Seriously??? The only good government is LESS government. Case closed.

It's getting pretty damn annoying to hear a bunch of pansy-assed little bitches talking about "no food stamps, no government checks" or "obamacare" or "the damn republicans"...

Grow the fuck up, you little twats.. man the FUCK UP, and understand that you are responsible for YOURSELF and the well being of your family ONLY... This government shutdown isn't SHIT..

It's not because of "obamacare", it's not because of republicans, it's not because of libs, dems, or any of the other bogus, fairytale "parties" who supposedly make choices..

The government shutdown is nothing more than a ploy to entice people to ask for more government, a better government, and a bunch of other unrealistic bullshit that distracts us from reality.

"Blah blah blah, I hope the government will figure things out!"

Why? For WHAT fucking reason? So you can be a lazy fuck and get free money? Because you're afraid of not having enough government? FUCK YOU!

And for those of you on here who are all "pro republican", well, fuck you too.. Anyone who identifies with a political party is braindead.

Go ahead and try to chose sides in a game that's already rigged and lets see where the fuck that gets you..Nowhere.

Anyway, I welcome it. Shut down forever, for all I care. I don't need nor want your money, your rules, your bullshit or your propaganda. Take it all, stick it up your fucking ass and keep it there..

You're not going to close a few fucking parks and scare me, you're not going to make threats and scare me.. How about I Make threats???? How about "We the People" make threats?

Fuck Obama, fuck Congress, fuck politics and fuck anyone who's jumping on this propaganda bandwagon of utter bullshit.

I don't NEED your fucking government. And I don't really want it.

For all of you crying about it and worrying about it, tell someone who cares because it sure as fuck isn't me. All you're doing is feeding into the BS and looking like a full-blown retard, retards.

Keep the shit shutdown. Good.

Stop listening to the fucking TV, stop posting about the TV, stop repeating what you hear on TV, and stop pressing that button that turns on your motherfucking TV..

I feel like I'm logging into a little twat-ache bitch festival everytime I come onto GLP in the last week.

GROW THE FUCK UP!! Fuck the government or fuck you.

Grow some goddamn balls and quit your crying. Don't buy Obamacare, dont watch TV, and don't fucking worry about the propaganda on TV. It's ruining your fucking brain.
 Quoting: Slick Vick

feel better after taking that nuclear shit op?

now lemme tell YOU what is all about since you "think" you know it all.

1. they have to collapse the system in order to bring about the nu financial system (forged after the crash of 08)
2. this system will devalue the dollar from either 3 to 1 or 5 to 1/ NO DEBT WILL GET DEVALUED THEN REVALUED. yes you will still owe that debt. ex: if you make 100k yr now, under the 3 to 1, youll now make 33k yr. that 250k house you bought? you still owe the 250k. end of story. this applies to all debt.
3. the redistribution of wealth, wasnt about "freebies" you ignoramatard. it was about programming the people for poverty. all ppl across the nation will have the same income status.
4. ^^ related to number 3: hence obamacare - OC was NEVER about medical. thats why in 02 they nationalized the medical records/patients....in 2003 they mfr'd a astronomical rate increase on malpractice ins that they couldnt afford to weed out dr's and consolidate practices under all hospital groups (as employees of said hosp group) thats why it dont kick in til 2016. it makes all dr's pay equal. and lowers others in same medical field. the obamacare bill/funding is being used as a methodical TOOL to hold hostage federal funding; thus in the interim collapse the country into mass chaos. its NOT about medical at all. its all an elaborate show.
5. the foodstamp giveaway program is being handed out so ppl will NOT buy the more expensive organic - that they stick to GMO and chemical laden cheap potted meat & ramen foods that will cause them sickness & disease & die faster.
6. the obamaphones are being given as a method of tracking the homeless & indigent - being others have internet & smart phones.
7. the reduction of the workforce was mfr'd as far back as the clinton admin, to pave the way for this collapse.
8. all the money that went "missing" were payments to corporations to fund local city muni's in police riot equipment, surveillance et al, road/bridge work,
9. social security et al....i said this in passing back in 2009/2010 - where i overheard a convo at a political meeting in harrisburg pa - the pollies were talking about reducing soc sec & ssi to one flat rate - 700-900 a month!! and i have that on a VC archive as proof. THAT was back in 2010. it was just mentioned over the weekend in a news article. hows that for scripted shit??
10. gun control was an important plot point - they couldnt achieve it. plan B = so they bought up the rounds instead - thus using other GAO depts procurement budgets to do it. they have been trying to incite violence to get the GC - and it hasnt worked. all the mass shootings - nothing. the "protests/rally's" - fail. no violence.
11. they dummied up the masses on unnecessary Rx drugs citing every physical & mental trait as an illness (grief now is a documented illness you can collect soc sec for it if your dog died -DCM5 2013 - you pick your nose, you can collect - oh no joke) the fictitious illnesses such as adhd dont exist - theyre food caused/related - defacto. dr's are speaking out. even companies are saying so on their labels that such & such ingredient may cause add/adhd in children. hello mcfly!
12. the liberals preyed on emotion of the masses to invoke insidious laws that infringe on our own civil rights & constitutional rights. tolerance for gays. tolerance for islam, guns are bad, schools must teach 5 yr olds how to masturbate (no joke), vaccine push to save the children, et al

the endgame is order out of chaos. people will be begging for their govt to help them. they will beg for a resolve - they wanna eat, have a roof over their heads, flush their toilets - they wont care HOW its done. they will accept the mark, they will accept the new world order.

so your gorilla chest pounding doesnt impress me OP. youre guilty just like the rest of us for letting this happen. and we equitably share the blame campaign.
 Quoting: Phennommennonn

Nice story. Too bad it's only a product of your own paranoid mind. The problem with a delusion is that it destroys one's ability to live within the real world. Makes you want hang out in places like this site that exist in an fantasy land.

How long have you idiots been preaching the same nonsense, that never ever happens, to other idiots. Talk about a circle jerk.
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