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Message Subject Has anyone heard any rumors involving Obama and Southern states?
Poster Handle Turtles Voice
Post Content
Nothing but have heard he hates the south, which seem only natural to me... the south's considered the 'bible belt'.

Most of the rest of the country's always hated the south..spend hundreds of years stereo typing, labeling, slandering it..Envy's the root of all evil..
 Quoting: ceawaves

I'm a southerner that has had to deal with the stereotypes, funny though, how people flock to the south for vacations and to enjoy the beauty, but then still bitch about it.
 Quoting: Turtles Voice

Exactly. Then they mess up our natural areas, trash it. Most of the people I see throwing their garbage around have northern plates.
 Quoting: TheEndIsNigh2013

Took a little survey one time, not kidding..:)..most all the people living in trailers, (not that there's anything wrong with that) but the most redneck acting,looking, card carrying on racists.. Were all from the north, and if they claimed they were 'natives' on further questions would always find out their family had relocated to the south less than a generation ago.
 Quoting: ceawaves

I ran into a lot of racists up North, and New Hampshire was the only place where I heard the word "darkie" used in conversation in my entire, Southern, life.
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