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Subject Chinese people can read people's thoughts!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I found that out last month!!!!

I was thinking about a girl I like, I was picturing her naked and an Asian guy glances likingly exactly where in the open space in the air I was picturing that girl!!!
His eyes actually moved exactly along with how I was picturing the girl move in my mind!!!

When he saw me catch him look he very quickly looked away and made his face blank in attempt to cover up!!

I did not show any indication of what I was thinking believe me I know of course, I was not staring weirdly into the air just staring regularly ahead like everyone does!

Many more incidences of Asians in general reacting to things I have thought have happened since then, and no one else! Just Asians!!! and now I know Chinese people also can read peoples thoughts!!!!
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