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Message Subject Chinese people can read people's thoughts!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No one in their right mind would want to read my mind twice. I'm not at all worried until someone decides to arrest people for their thoughts.
 Quoting: Dirtyboy

They can't do that because that would expose that they can read minds!!

I seriously think Asians really can read minds, now that I think of it I have noticed that a lot of Chinese people seem to know what i'm thinking and have acted strange around me when I have thought things, without giving any indication of what I was thinking! and they have acted strangely around me only when I have thought those things!

I have also seen a Chinese person give me angry looks when I have thought random things that were about other people they didn't even know! How could they make that connection if it was not about anyone on the bus or about them had there been any look that was on my face had there even been one!

The Chinese person shot me that angry look right when I thought that some person I saw a week earlier on the street was ugly as hell and looked like a cow in skimpy clothes!

I only think things like that never say them!
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