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Message Subject Chris Matthews up Obama's Ass on Bill Maher-- Oliver Stone Dying to Reach Over and Strangle Him. Assassination talk as well. VIDEO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can't watch either one of those two jagoffs anymore either. They make me puke. Tingles has his Obama fetish happening constantly, and BM acts like he can't have a BM. Very very constipated.

To the poster who asked what's going on over here? Quite simply, what you're seeing is the hear completeness of the communist's plan to create a quiet revolution from within. While the rest of us were sleeping (most still are) the evil commie bastards sneaked in and slowly took over. They made tiny little changes here and there, over the last 40 years or so.

Once Obama was elected, and particularly since his RE-election (most likely by fraud, definitely by deceit), all the crazy libs have just gone more crazy. It's like they believe they've won the world and are now free to fuck all of us. The media are the biggest culprits, as they bought into Fraud-o-bama-rama, hook, line, and stinker.

What the loonies have failed to realize is that they are on the edge of pushing the good citizens of America, you know, those with actual values, too friggin' far. They're about to awaken the sleeping Red, White, and Blue Giant, and when they do, well...we all know what happened to Japan.

People ARE waking up. Friends and family who have NEVER talked about politics are steaming mad. We saw what just a few hundred pissed off vets did today. Although it was more symbolic than anything, I've never seen people with conservative values this pissed off.

Stay tuned...the shit's about to get real and the crazies are going to be back in their asylums.
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