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Message Subject Chris Matthews up Obama's Ass on Bill Maher-- Oliver Stone Dying to Reach Over and Strangle Him. Assassination talk as well. VIDEO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dude, What the fuck is going on over there?, I can wait to wake up every morning and see what happened on last nights episode of "America"
 Quoting: Doommincus Maximus

It would be interesting to see this place in the eyes of others in Europe, Uk..I hear more news about other countries
than I do America...and I live here.
U all probably know more than we do.
 Quoting: Me 47748958

no offense, but a lot of us feel sorry for you now, and thats a weird feeling believe me. America was always the beacon of freedom and liberty inthe world, traits which seem to be lacking, during this administrations regime.

it is now nation, where citizens have no freedoms, fear is fed to you via MSM every day, there are no other channels for you to chooose from, bar the appointed ones, very like the two party system, its this or nothing. Wheres the freedom in that?

Where is the freedom, in being coraaled like cattle every time you try to travel. Being accosted by some oaf on 8 bucks an hour at the airport in the the name of freedom??
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