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Message Subject Chris Matthews up Obama's Ass on Bill Maher-- Oliver Stone Dying to Reach Over and Strangle Him. Assassination talk as well. VIDEO
Poster Handle DawaSatso
Post Content
Wait, did maher just say obama stays in the center and that he's not liberal enough? Something about him not going to far to the left because hes afraid of being popped off like Kennedy going to far to the left?

Got the impression he's saying Kennedy was murdered by the those too far on the right wing

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48263306

Of all of them Oliver Stone no doubt had the most instructfully honest thoughts about all of this horror. But no, Matthews and maher steered the entire discussion into meaninglessness.
I always say it's in the framing of the discussion..it really is. This was confirmation (not that I need it) why I haven't watched mainstream in 8 years.

In sum this had to be the emptiest waste of opportunity via silence of the one person with the most to say of them all.
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