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Message Subject When the premiums/fines come due, or Obamacare fails, 'they' will not blame Obama.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Not another one of those...

"Oh it's just totally fucking hopeless and were totally screwed by: the demons, negros, illuminati, muslims, Democrats, Republicans, Libertaians, Russians, Chinese, gays, Rothschild Jews, Bolshevik Jews, Gay Vatican catholics, US government mafia and even my own parents, grandparents and family" threads.

Because someone is....

"frightened, scared, poor, sick, tired, terrified chickenshit and a pussy."

Who is just going to sit back and wait for a...

"Comet, brown dwarf, meteor, asteroid, plague, nuclear attack, time travelling self replicating robot cyborg clone, UFO, alien, demon, ghost or otherwise malevolent unseen force."

That will kick everyone's ass and settle all my scores.


I guess you're right. You're screwed. But guess what?

I'm fucking NOT. Just you pussys. Not me.

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