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Message Subject When the premiums/fines come due, or Obamacare fails, 'they' will not blame Obama.
Poster Handle Upheval
Post Content
I am white. Where I work is about 80% black. I have kept my mouth shut and listened. They think what Obama is doing is helping the poor, and/or preventing the greedy insurance companies from getting rich. It sickens me - they have no clue how the works really works.

When the premiums or fines come due, they'll blame the republicans. They're already accusing them of trying to stop the law or change it. Any failure of the program will be blamed on them. It's a win-win for Obama. He cannot lose.

After listening to these anecdotal conversations I am convinced that nothing - a new Great Depression, nuclear war, nothing will convince these people they are wrong. It will always be someone else's fault. It's the right thing, because they've been told it's right. They are incapable of considering another viewpoint.

When TSHTF this is what you will face. The fact you have prepared and they have not only means that you were part of the cause so you knew to prepare. This is what is coming, and it is beyond evil.

I am very near to a complete loss of hope for America.
 Quoting: Overheard conversations 41637440

We are White. I can absolutely tell you, you are 100% correct.
My own mother, who receives no handouts, says its all the Republicans' fault.
A nuke goes off, I guarantee you she blames Reps.
I've told her they're all in it together, bla, bla bla... She still thinks Obamas a saint.
So yes, you're right, and its not just Blacks to blame.
 Quoting: natasha77

Well said!!! It has nothing to do with color because the Lib Shills that I ran across this weekend were white (and I ran into alot of them). They had nothing better to do but to hang around the protest facebook pages and call everything a lie. Once you talk facts to these guys they just close the mind. If the system falls, I will laugh because they become the first targets.
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