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Message Subject When the premiums/fines come due, or Obamacare fails, 'they' will not blame Obama.
Poster Handle Useless Cookie Eater
Post Content
What's going on right now, the demonization of anyone who speaks out against Obamacare, is pure Alinsky. Pick a subject, polarize it, demonize the opposition...you only have to fool a majority of people, not all. Then when the hate mission against Rep/Tea party/patriots is complete, I believe this nation will be purposely plunged into it's period of "civil unrest", enabling Jarret/Obama and their handlers to do what it is they've been wanting to do for a long time.
 Quoting: RantProne

True dat...but one flaw in the plan.
....when people are feeling it in their wallet personally no amount of PROPAGANDA is going to make them believe more lies

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