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Message Subject Michelle Obama Personal Staff Costs Taxpayers $1.4 Million Each Year
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Holy shit you guys like kickin her. I sincerely hope that your wives and daughters get the same treatment and disrespect.

They would deserve nothing less.

...and as far as her budget goes. Big fucking deal. The Canadian PM's wife gets a cadre of staff and detail assigned to her as well. ALL FUCKING LEADERS SPOUSES AND CHILDREN DO.

This isn't just a US thing. This is an EVERYONE'S situation.

1.5 million, good for her for keeping it there. Unlike half the ridiculous crap I've read over the years that government grants are given for to the tune of 10 BILLION dollars.

MONTHLY. Let's not include the 85 BILLION per month given to banks to buy US T Bills.

Seriously...inflation happens. And she, like all wives need functionaries to help out. She's not Donna Reid for fucksakes, she's the first lady.

*Recognizing the fact the US is severely fucked up right now.

Doesn't excuse being rude. Do onto other's as you would be done on to you. Spitting on someone's wife because of situation and who they fell in love with.

That's a pretty ugly place to be. Really bad Karma so I would suggest getting right with the Lord and contemplating the position of throwing those rocks at people.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1373293

I know you believe your economies of scale comparisons hold water. Problem is, this isn't Canada, and we shouldn't be having to tell ourselves, "Well at least its not..." because it shouldn't be to that point anyways.

Unlike Canada, these people are supposed to be our employees. Being president and first lady is a privilege and a public servant role and should be treated as such. Quite frankly, the president shouldn't be taking a salry either. The roles are not an excuse to bolster elite status, that's all taken care of naturally in the "former president and first lady" years.

The first lady should perhaps have one special assistant to help schedule her days, maybe an additional assistant to help with style and situational etiquette advice and training...not anything close to a cadre or "staff".

I don't want my first lady, no matter her politics, to have a full-time staff of personal pollsters and handlers. Her role is ornamental and figurehead, not an additional way to drain taxpayer funds to propagandize the masses and be divisive towards opposing views, let alone the taxpayer funded vaycays for 50 friends to Spain or the WH a private concert hall for today's hottest "artists" on a weekly basis.

The previous 43 first ladies (give or take the latter years of Laura) got by just fine without a social networking assistant and other ridiculously unnecessary staffers.
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