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Subject Just saw X Factor, illuminati symbols are the norm..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah so Jiordan tonight wearing the all seeing eye, Third D3gree bloke had the baphomet pentagram on his shirt and trousers.
The arguments I have with my sister about this shit, she says 'What am I supposed to do , never listen to all the songs I have paid for on iTunes ever again' to which I said yes she should, and I blacklist bands on a daily basis. It hurts, but fuck listening to masonic pedo shit.

Latest band I will never listen to - Rush
LostProphets from Wales.
Rush- youtube Solaris Raven
LostProphets singer in prison for raping 1 year old baby.
Oh , and the dude that sang Áre you going to san Francisco?
His daughter confirmed a 20 year incestuous relationship with her father.
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