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Curious as to your input..Obama - A Moab connection

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10/14/2013 10:18 AM
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Curious as to your input..Obama - A Moab connection
First of all, for those of you easily offended by Christians or those that pray to God, you will be offended by this post.

For all others:

I always pray on my way into work. I have about a 20 minute commute. I pray ~ with me doing all the talking and rarely listening for the voice of God....and I am wrong to do so!

Anyway, I had made a HUGE smoothie for breakfast this morning and it was taking forever to drink, so I wasn't praying because I knew I wouldn't be concentrating as I should. So, instead I said, "God, when I pray I don't do a good job of listening for Your voice. If you have a word for me, I would appreciate hearing it."

Suddenly I "see" in my mind the name "Obama" and hear the name internally. (Not an audible voice.) But, it was so quick and so random, that it didn't appear to be my own idea. Yet, I am a GLPer and politically bent-out-of-shape right now, so I reasoned that it could be from my own mind rather than from God.

But, I said, "OK God, what about Obama?"

As quickly and with the mind's vision of the words, I heard "A Moab."

So, I came into work to look more deeply into what it meant to be a Moabite in Biblical times...I came across a site that said MOAB is the slang for "Mother of all Bombs" among other things.

I am just shaking my head as to the possible, if any, meaning of the Obama - A Moab connection beyond the fact that they both contain the exact same letters from the English alphabet. Which was interesting to me, as I had never heard/noticed that before.
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